By: The District News Buster| September 12 – 18, 2016

Calasiao, Pangasinan – Mayor Joseph Arman Bauzon at the start of his office as a newly elected chief executive conducted ocular inspection of the Material Recovery Facility of Calasiao located in Brgy. Malabago. Be it noted that said MRF has been constructed for almost fifteen (15) years at the time of former Mayor Celso De Vera. Mayor Bauzon found out that the MRF need an immediate rehabilitation as the situation appears when inspected, would affect the health of the residents because seemingly it was not properly maintained previously. In the first days of Mayor Bauzon, one Pastor Ballesteros complained of the alleged hazardous effect of MRF inappropriate maintenance. Even without his complaint, he previously inspected and acted immediately by maintaining it properly as evidence by subsequent actions.

While Mayor Bauzon appropriated P3 million for its rehabilitation and implemented necessary works and introduced improvements in the area. In fact, upon his request, Governor Amado “POGI” I. Espino III provided sixty (60) dump trucks of mixed gravel and sand. The good governor likewise lent the provincial backhoe, bulldozer and four dump trucks through the Provincial Engineering Office for its fast rehabilitation. It is now thirty (30%) completion. Consequently, a Barangay Malabago Resolution was passed by its council led by PB Macaalay for closure of the Material Recovery Facility for it is the sentiment of their constituents, thus, reflected the same in said resolution. He further said, “ginagawa lang namin ang aming trabaho,” when interviewed. This prompted the Sangguniang Bayan of Calasiao to conduct committee hearing on the matter. Vice-Mayor Ferdinand Galang personally invited Mayor Joseph Arman Bauzon to attend the said hearing. However, in reply to the allegations of PB Macaalay that they are only doing their duty as barangay officials, he asked, “Did you conduct ocular inspection prior to the passage of resolution for closure?” PB Macaalay answered in negative. Vice-Mayor Galang further stated that “the resolutions was indeed an insult to the new administration as the municipal officials exerted all efforts to rehabilitate and reduce the effect of MRF environmental hazards to residents as they are also our constituents. It might be a caused for a complaint in the Office of the Ombudsman as officials in violation of R.A. 2003, known as “Solid Waste Management Act of 2003.” Consequently, the municipality is put into a big dilemma.

Mayor Bauzon when voluntarily recognized by Presiding Officer to comment, he said in a very emotional manner, “I have put forth all the efforts in order to rehabilitate the Material Recovery Facility, corrected them that this is not an “open dumpsite;” appropriated P3 Million for its rehabilitation, requested sixty (60) dump trucks of mixed gravel and sand, borrowed the provincial backhoe, bulldozer and four dump trucks through the Provincial Engineering Office for its fast rehabilitation. These are all immediately provided by our good governor. Thus, it is now thirty (30%) completed. And further appropriated four (4) Million pesos for its rehabilitation in 2017,” Councilor Mahadeva Das B. Mesina asked PB Macaalay whether they are agreeable to withdraw or cancel the resolution as the municipal government is doing all its best to reduce the environmental hazards caused by MRF,” they said in unanimity, Yes.” It is Interesting to note also the vehement remarks of Councilor “PJ” De Vera, “that at the time of my father Mayor Felipe De Vera, the MRF site could be a picnic site as many people then used to visit it while having picnic there. It was then properly maintained.”    (RDV)