Centro Periodico | September 5-11, 2016 – Dynamic leadership, enterprising people and progressive government—vital components that bode well for the imminent full blossoming of Calasiao, one of the premier towns of Pangasinan today.

Its municipal leaders, headed by Mayor Joseph Arman C. Bauzon, are now working out a business and investments blueprint focused on better and faster delivery of basic services, providing its professional ranks and vast labor sector excellent opportunities for livelihood and better quality of life. It helps that Calasiao is strategically located right in the middle of the fast-expanding urban spread of Pangasinan, now one of the leading provinces in the country in terms of productivity, environmental consciousness, tourism and investments. That Calasiao has been chosen as the host of ROBINSON, the first megamall in the province, site of the large Coca Cola plant, a few classy hotels and inns, a long array og high-end diners and medium-scale restaurants, service providers and entertainment centers, are testaments to the vast potentials of the town as the next city of Pangasinan.

Mayor Bauzon, leaders and members of the town council and town planners, however, are placing top priority on LIVABILITY, with shelter, livelihood and better living conditions for the people, especially the poor, its primary objectives. Calasiao’s economic mainstays, its dynamic and creative group of entrepreneurs, meantime, benefit from its current advantage as main entrypoint to public ad private residential conclaves and business districts.

Mayor Bauzon’s pet projects which will be implemented soon include solar-powered streetlights to be installed in 100 lamp-posts, attract more banks like Land Bank branch scheduled to open in January and dumpsite with a material recovery olant.


ONE of the youngest town mayors of the country, Joseph Arman C. Bauzon, has ended the 15-year reign of a mayor-and-son tandem on the issue of transparency. He started as a barangay captain, then councilor when he championed transparency in governance. He credits Gov. Amado Espino for the acquisition of 60 dump trucks for Calasiao. His administration puts a premium on education, providing scholarships, improvement and building of more schoolrooms. Incentives are given model government workers in a periodic search for the “Best Employee.”